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Alteram Interns Platform
We have made a huge impact into the lives of interns by giving them an opportunity to explore and learn the industry of technology

Team Work

Interns at Alteram Solutions get the opportunity to work as a team and showcase their presentation skills.

Yvonne Wechoemang

My internship is going well. A bit slow and quiet some times but have learned a lot about my role and responsibilities as a technician.

Lolo Phasha

The internship has taught me how to interact with people and customers effectively. I also learned how to solve conflicts that my appear at Sites DLTC. Above all I gained so much knowledge related to DLCA such as bypassing routers etc.

Xolela Totongwana

I Totongwana Xolela, on the internship programme I participated in that is runs by the company called alteram Solutions I gained a lot. the programme gives me the opportunity to hands-on work experience, develop new skills and refine others and learn how to communicate in a professional environment. also within this programme, the company gave us as interns the opportunity to enhance our careers by booking the international certification to write which I managed to get it.

Thembalethu Mabaso

First and foremost most I would like to thank Alteram Solutions about giving me the opportunity to test drive my IT Skills on this ongoing internship program.

At first I was a bit scared but as time goes by I got used to the idea of learning and meeting almost new clients avery day and deal with their LEU issues and of course as to continue providing a good service at all times by following at my mentors foot steps.

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Interns are really good